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"Barbara Harrington is the
Suze Orman of Sponsorships! High energy, practical and generous with her expertise."

M. Strobel
Transportation Solutions, Denver

Barbara Harrington
Barbara Harrington

We are best known for sharing our wide-ranging sponsorship expertise.

For most nonprofits, it means learning about our integrated model. A system of intentional introductions with individuals, companies and foundations that includes a comfortable way to start conversations and a natural, ethical stewardship component for those who want to know more.

It also means taking a step back and assessing what’s working well and what is not. It’s understanding the latest in-demand benefits, how to package, what to charge and a whole lot more.

Let’s face it. Sponsorship is complicated.

Are we talking about marketing-based benefits to drive sales, philanthropic giving to better the community or individual contributions for personal reasons? If you’re like most nonprofits, the answer is, “All of the above.”

And anytime you need to do it all, chances are you need a system.

In addition to helping clients implement our model, we also work on special projects from the simple to robust.

We also educate through keynotes, workshops and webinars. From substantive business presentations on sponsorship and board engagement to inspirational programs on leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

At Sponsorship Plus, we’re aligning solutions for sustainable success.

Bank of America
Barbara is part of Bank of America's prestigious national "Nonprofit Impact Speakers Series"

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